Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reach the hotel from the airport?
The fastest and safest option is by taxi. Send us your flight details and we will have a driver waiting for you at the gate holding a sign with your name. This service costs you 25JD per car which is equivalent to the airport taxi fare + parking.
Airport Taxis are available but you need to negotiate the price and explain the address where most of them are not familiar with Downtown.
Additionally, you can take the Airport Express Bus for 3.5 JD (one bus hourly). Get off at the stop for the seventh circle and from there you take a taxi to the hotel.
If you are renting a car then check out the map for directions.

What are the prices and best company to rent a car from?
There are many rental companies in Jordan, look online for options.
We deal with one of the best two companies and they give us good rates and gives our customers the option to pick up or drop off the car at the airport or at the hotel for no extra charge. Contact us for details.
Prices vary from 30 JDs to 45 JDs depending on duration, type and insurance policy.

How far is the hotel from downtown Amman?
The hotel is strategically located between the heart of Downtown and the famous Rainbow Street. A few minutes walk to the starting point of the Downtown Walking Tour as provided in the Lonely Planet Jordan guidebook.
How far is the hotel from Hashem's Restaurant, the RomanAmphitheater and the Citadel?
Hashem restaurant and all the major touristic attractions are 5 - 10 minutes walking distance. The Downtown walking tour starting point is 5 minutes away from the Sydney Hotel.
Where can I eat near the hotel?
Downtown is full of delicious and cheap places to eat, you have several options. Ask the receptionist upon arrival and they will recommend something that suits your taste.
We can also get food delivered to the hotel.
Additionally, feel free to use the refrigerator and microwave for leftovers or to prepare a small meal.
Most Restaurants are open till 1 AM. Hashem restaurant opens 24 hours :)
Is there an ATM next to the hotel?
There is an ATM 20 meters from the hotel, exiting to the left.
Where can I exchange money?
The hotel can exchange dollars (100 USD for 70 JD) and euros (Based on the daily rate). Also, there are several money exchange shops near the hotel for other currencies (Western Union, etc.). 
Try to avoid exchanging money at the airport as the exchange rate is very high.

Is there any parking space next to the hotel?
Free street parking in front of the hotel is available but might be full in the morning times. There is a private garage right next to the hotel which charges 1 JD per day as a special price for our customers.
In the evening, parking could be easily found.
How can I get to Petra?
Jett Bus is the most suitable method to reach Petra where it leaves daily at 6:30 AM from the Abdali Station and it costs 10 JDs per passenger. The station is less than 10 minutes drive. You can take a taxi from the street or we can arrange for a taxi to pick you up from the hotel.
Online booking on their website is not guaranteed. We can book it for you over the phone when you arrive.
If you have time, consider taking the Kings Road tour as it includes visiting 2 castles and wonderful scenery and panoramic views along the way that ends in Petra.

How can I go to the Dead Sea or Wadi Mujib?
The best way is by car as local transportation is limited and does not reach the beach
areas. Check out the tour options we provide.

​What are the entrance fees for the main touristic sites?
Petra - 50 JD's one day pass, 60 JD's two days pass
Dead Sea - Amman Beach 20 JD's and O Beach 25 JD's. 5 stars resorts starts from 45 JD's
Wadi Mujib - 20.5 JD's
Baptism Site - 12 JD's
Jarash - 8 JD's
Desert Castles - 3 JD's for the three castles
Um Qais Castel - 2 JD
The Citadel - 1 JD
Madaba City and Mount Nebo - around 1 JD for any site.
Ajlun Castel - 1 JD
Roman Amphitheater - 1 JD
The Jordan Museum - Free Entrance (Closes Tuesdays and Fridays)

We Recommend purchasing the Jordan pass before arrival as it includes free entrance to most of these sites and saves you a lot of money.

How can I reach Jerusalem?
There are three boarders between Jordan and Isreal. Sheikh Hussein bridge in the North, King Hussein Bridge (Allenby), and Prince Mohammad Bridge in the South.
If you are in Amman, the nearest and the best way is to cross from the King Hussein bridge as it is 45 Minutes driver from the hotel.
Best way is by taxi which is 25 JD's per car. If you are by yourself and very tight on budget, you can take a taxi from the hotel to the North Station and from there a shared taxi or bus to the bridge. This will cost around 15 JD's. If you are two persons traveling together then it is advisable to just book a taxi.

Is there a direct bus that takes me to Isreal?
Yes, there is only one bus that goes straight to Nazareth. It leaves at 2 PM from Amman (infront of Royal Hotel at the university of Jordan street near Majdi Mall). Costs 17 JD's. You might pay an exit fee of 10 JD's. The bus will wait only 30 Minutes at the boarder so if you get held up you have to continue by yourself. Taxi to the nearest town is 60 Shekels and to Nazareth 350 Shekels. No ATM at there but there is a currency exchange office.

​Dorms Rules:
Arabs are not allowed in the mixed dorms as per local regulations
People over 50 years old are not allowed to stay in the dormitories
Breakfast is not included in the price and it is 3 JDs extra charge.
Towels are not provided for the dorms.
Lockers are free but you have to bring your own lock. We sell it for 1 JD.

Kindly note that above information and prices might change over time.

Latest update: 1 December, 2017
If you have any further questions, we will gladly assist you with any
kind of information needed for you to plan your trip to Jordan. Contact us by email at