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Expats living in Jordan as Locals

Updated: Sep 23

Amman is considered home for an outstanding number of foreigners and expats indulged in internship programs to full-time jobs or as students. This is due to the good number of NGO's and international projects based in Amman as well as several good language schools.

We will not go through all the information as we can not have them in one blog but this is a place to refer you to the best tips and get through notes.

The link below is for a website created by a German enthusiast living in Amman with his wife and their little kids. He has been very active by looking up new fun places and trying things out in and around Amman providing very helpful information to new and current expats.

Check out his website for up-to-date tips and information.

If you are planning to study Arabic language we recommend Sijal Institute. They are located walking distance to the hotel and considered one of the best school in Jordan.




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