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Parking Spaces around Sydney Hotel

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

We created this simple map to show you the free parking spaces and one of the many paid garages near the hotel. We do not recommend parking at those garages because they are very narrow and they charge 2 JOD per short stay and around 7 JOD for an overnight.

Right in front of the hotel, there are a few parking spots that are covered by our camera surveillance system. We can not reserve those spots. They are always free at night and early morning times but will be busy in the afternoon. Still, it is not an issue because we can always help you with that when arrived or you can find a spot in the marked green areas from the map below. The green line is where it is actually allowed to park your car but you will find cars parked on both sides! Welcome to Jordan.

The road from the airport or the desert highway to Amman is recently developed and clear. Having a GPS or easily following Google Maps will not be an issue to find Sydney Hotel. Sure, parking is always an issue you have to think of especially if you will be staying in the heart of downtown.

To go downtown and visit the Roman Amphitheater and the Citadel, you can easily walk and leave your car safely parked were mentioned to avoid the crowded streets and unclear parking spots.

If you haven't booked your car yet, we work with a very good company that offers to deliver the car to the hotel or the airport (even drop-offs). Also, their prices and services are recommended by many of our guests. Contact us to get more details at

More information about parking in Jordan?

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