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Plan your Trip to Jordan

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The Monastery in Petra

It is always exciting to plan your next trip where you start checking places to visit, fun places to stay at and how to get there. This research comes easily for some people but to others, they just don't like it. Both ways it is defiantly time consuming and requires some skills. What usually helps is having a friend who recently visited that country or what's even better; is if you have a local friend.

Qasr al Kharraneh - Desert Castles

The good thing about internet now and the many online start up companies that you literally can find something for everything. Our partner company My Fairy Trail is a specialized travel planning website where they made all this process done in a few simple steps. Once you enter the site, you can click on the create your trip button which will lead you to choosing your preferred mood for the trip.

Moods are:

  • History Exploration

  • Adrenaline Rush

  • Nature and Wildlife

  • Food and Culture

  • Sun and Fun

  • Family Friendly

Of course you can select multiple moods depending on your preference or select the surprise me mood in case you are unsure of it.

The next step is about selecting your favourite activities such as hiking, camping, cycling, diving, kitesurfing, jeep tours, birdwatching, or mountain climbing to be included in your customized itinerary.

Cycling from Madaba to Dead Sea

Ready Plans and Tours

Some people prefer to view a ready plan to choose from. The Short Trips section present a diverse range of trips and adventures that you can search between them easily.

Some tours are focused on adventure tourism such as hiking and cycling and others are focused on sightseeing and learning about the culture of Jordan. They vary from a 1 day tour to a 7 or 8 Days tours.

The most selling and recommended tour is the Jordan Fairy Trail which covers the majority of Jordan's important sites and experiences in a smooth flow of 8 days. It contains all moods and many activities and could easily be tweaked to fit your preferences and needs.

Jordan has so much to offer but with the right hands, you will have the true local experience with the support of a local advisor.

Why Trust My Fairy Trail

My Fairy Trail Logo

Save Time Planning

You will defiantly save time researching and planning you trip trying to find the best hidden gems and best experiences to join but what it helps you with is knowing when to go to each place as this is the trick of a good travel plan. Sometimes you might reach late or miss a great sunset. We always handpick experiences where we tried ourselves and have been sending people to over and over again.

Personalized Experiences

Itineraries will be created and modified to fit your preferences and needs. For all kind of traveling experience you are looking for wether it is. a normal holiday or a fully adventures one with proper guides and gear.

Best Price Guaranteed

We got the best deals and we guarantee the best rate with the service and quality we provide. You don't need to pay for the overrated overhead costs as we deal directly with true locals that love foreigners and care about getting repeated customers more than just closing a sale.

Authentic Experiences

Be a local and enjoy things the way you are supposed to. No need to worry about being hassled or missing out on anything. Your local advisor will be with you all the way to make sure you get an authentic experience.

Azraq Wetland Reserve

Support the locals and be part of this amazing project Meet Your Local Travel Advisor


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